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This is a update to a review I had put up about a month ago. This is a beautiful property with a nice pool and land scraping . The new management team seems very friendly. There is a building that says gym on the door we were told it needs to be brought up to code. No sign of that happening now and it is not on our lease as a amenity. Don’t think it will be happening also the fire pit is locked out can not use. The one maintenance guy is great but very overloaded with work. The walls are full of cracks in the stucco mostly small but some large ones as buildings settle. Windows also have some seal issues. Be sure and read your contract because you are responsible for mold issues with mold contract. Very quite and pleasant neighbors so far. We have asked about a garage a few timesaver were told there was going to be something available on the September 2nd still no idea if we are getting one or not and it is almost the first. Office staff is very pleasant but not much communication to residents about what is happening with various things. Also still waiting on parts for dishwasher and microwave from when we moved in. I think they are overwhelmed. Gates are fixed and locked all the time nice since of security thanks for fixing.


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Hampton East - 3 Bed/2 Ba
We have lived in Hampton East for over two years. We initially rented a one bedroom which was nice and only shared one wall with the neighbor. We moved into a 3 bedroom and it's great! We have no shared walls and it's more like a bungalow/stand alone unit. It's helpful to have the door step trash service. The pool is great! There are a lot of services in the neighborhood. The staff have been great too. The inside of the units are very nice and have modern. Would love for the gym to open:). Super quick to the freeway for my commute to work too. We do enjoy living here.


Kylie does respond to issues to the best of her ability but also has obstacles that she has to go though to get things approved by owners. The good part is the amenities are open.recommend if don’t like noise stay away from the pool area No maintenance over the weekends to check chemicals in pool many people use it on weekends.Landscaping is very well kept. Maintenance has a hard time completing tickets short staffed and busy getting apartments ready for new residents. It is quiet on weekdays and enjoyable.


It took some time but fitness center is now open still has some work to finish. Also hot tub is working nicely at this time which is very nice since I have bad pain issues much appreciated. Kylie is working on some other improvements in the future she has informed me about. She is always politer and professional as is the rest of the staff. Maintenance is short handed a lot from having to work on other projects and properties.


It took some time but fitness center is now open still has some work to finish. Also hot tub is working nicely at this time which is very nice since I have bad pain issues much appreciated. Kylie and Boone are always polite and professional. No open parking left at night time very hard to find if lucky office has some open spaces. All most all the front palm tree lights are burned out as is the hot tub and pool lights. Well maintained courtyards and landscaping. For the most part a quiet community.


I found myself in a tight spot last week and needed a home ASAP! I am still elated that I was able to find my home here for myself and two kids. Cody was and absolute LEGEND in getting me approved and in record time. He helped me out with the entire process and made it a lot easier than I expected under my circumstances. I don't know their names, but the maintenance staff is amazing as well. They turned my unit upside-down and it looked better than anticipated. Especially since they only had a day to prepare it for me to move in. I signed the lease before even seeing inside a model or another unit and have no regrets. I have nothing but positive things to say about the whole experience. I cant stop bragging about my new home. I love it! It's perfect! Thank you!!!!!





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